Juni 05, 2012


Not necessarily the way out of the country just to enjoy a honeymoon or a romantic honeymoon. Indonesia is our country stretching from Sabang to Merauke, also has a lot of cool places, exotic and unforgettable. Want to know where it?

1. Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara 
Most of which are located 1.5 km off the north coast of Sumbawa island is still covered by forest, but the middle section of meadows stretching wide. White sand and beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish to decorate the beach and the sea, guaranteed to make you in awe. In addition, fresh water flowing in rivers with such abundance, complete with waterfalls and natural pools, certainly adds to the beauty of this island. A luxury resort, Amanwana also has been established to cater to tourists. It is said that famous figures like Lady Di and Mick Jagger had been staying there you know. You-you do not want to lose them?

2. Village of Ubud, Bali The nickname 'Heaven for Spa Lovers' right won the famous village of culture, cuisine and the uniqueness of this kealamiannya. The new partner will find rest for body and soul with the sight of the green mountains and the beautiful terraced rice paddies. The village is also believed to provide inspiration and a million peace. This place really feels right for all people who crave kadamaian and tranquility. That is, very fitting for a new partner who wants to be alone ...