April 22, 2013

Kalimat Present (Simple Present, Present Progresive)

  1. Hisam eat cook rice in canteen but now, hisam drinking water in canteen.

  2. She sends much money to her parents in the village every month but now, she is sending money to her parents in the village every year.

  3. Romy usually get up at 3 o’clock every day but now, sleeping at 3 o'clock every day.

  4. Aldy plays football every weekend but now, aldy playing football every morning.

  5. I drive car to the campus every day but now, i am riding a motorcycle every day.

  6. I play badminton with my brother but now, i am playing badminton with my friend.

  7. They are studies english at 9 o'clock but now, They going to library.

  8. Intan and dewi visited my house but now, They going to mall.

  9. My mother buys milk in the market but now, going to home.

  10. We drink milk together but now, we sleep together.

  11. She went home two minutes ago but now, going to market.