September 22, 2011

10 Animal-faced Strange World

1. Hatchetfish
hatchet fish
Fish body occupant of this gap is very small (the largest species known only measuring 12 cm), and harmless, but his face was like a dream buruk.Hatchetfish is proof that we do not have sharp teeth or eyes glowing red to be spooky. This fish is found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world, creatures that eat the smaller the gap, such as copepods (a type of crustaceans).
2. Kelelawar Hidung Tabung
Found in the Philippine rain forests, bats are endangered and has one of the strangest faces among mammals. His ears were covered with dark spots of yellow, orange eyes and nasal tubes that would create cartoon-like appearance. This bat consumes mostly figs and other fruits, but sometimes they also eat insects.
3. Axolotl
Species that exist only in Lake Xochimilco, Meksisko, axolotl (means "water monster" in Nahuatl, the Aztec language) is actually a type of salamander. Apart from a funny face, they also have red hair which is a unique feather-like gills. This salamander species usually preserves the ability of his body throughout his life (also called neotheny).
Unfortunately, these rare amphibians threatened with extinction because of pollution and hunted in some parts of Mexico to eat.
4. Aye Aye
aye aye
Arguably the most bizarre appearance primates (humans do not count of course), aye aye has big ears like a bat, the eyes are yellow and look a lot like gremlins (a comedy horror film in America). These animals actually became the inspiration for the Gremlin-like monster film series Primeval, which recounted his descendants to haunt an empty house.
Aye aye found in Madagascar and the critically endangered due to habitat destruction and killed because the people in the country is not like the creature because it was considered bad luck.
5. Monyet Hidung Pesek
Again, these animals are endangered species. Found only in China (including Tibet) and Vietnam. They live in the mountains in ketingggian up to 4000m, with a few primates that adapt to cold environments. They were threatened with loss of habitat.
6. Tikus Tanah Hidung Bintang
tikus tanah
These rats were given the name of star nose because the shape of meat on his nose, covered with sensory receptors that enhance the ability of touch, because this animal is actually very bad vision. Star nose mole is recorded is the swimmers and divers as well as a great digger. Like other moles, this animal eat earthworms, grubs and anything slimy in the soil. Found in Canada and northern United States.

7. Tikus Mondok Telanjang

tikus mondok
This mouse looks hairless, wrinkled, pale pink skin and have black eyes that glow. But one thing is very interesting is the bulge of two very large teeth at all, which actually grew through the lips.
So that these mice do not have to open your mouth at the road cut off below ground. Gigi is so powerful that the famous naked mole can gnaw concrete.
8. Tokek Buntut Daun
Leaf tail gecko is a species that seems to be made by the cartoonists. These animals may have the most bizarre in the eyes of other animals, and when he opened his mouth, this animal looks like a big smile. Although it looks like most reptiles happy (because of her smile), this creature actually suffering because of threatened rain forest loss Malagasy as his home.
9. Potoo
This amazing bird found in Mesiko, Central and South America, and is famous for extraordinary camouflage abilities. Having a strange face, with smiling mouth, a short beak and yellow eyes, as if they were cartoon characters. Not harmful to humans but is very dangerous for flying insects and bats because of this famous voracious predators.

10. Ikan Kelelawar Hidung Merah
ikan kelelawar
Although not very well known, this fish has a face that is quite strange. The shape is flat, long nose and pointy and looks like too much use of natural lipstik.Keanehan is found in the Galapagos and has close relatives in the waters of Central America. These animals are slow swimmers and prefer to drag himself on the seabed using the fins as a hand.

Aneh Ular Berkaki Ditemukan di China

BEIJING A snake with legs found in homes in the area of ​​Dean Qiongxiu Suining, southwest of China. The snake has a leg which is also equipped with a nail.

I woke up from the room after hearing a sound like scratching on the wall but very strange. When I turned on the light, I saw the snake was walking on the wall using his claws, said Qiongxiu as reported by the Telegraph, Tuesday (15/09/2009).

Qiongxiu said, he immediately paralyze the snake by throwing shoes and keep the snake in the bottle beverages.

Legged snake was approximately 16 inches in length and there are four fingers on his feet small. When this snake was investigated in the Life Sciences Department at West Normal University, Nanchang.

We were surprised but we can not disclose the cause of the foot until we complete the entire investigation, the expert said the snake, Long Shuai.

Previously it has been frequently found mutations in a number of snakes, among them the discovery of two-headed snake.