September 20, 2011

Jakarta Monorail Have Failed?

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - The Jakarta community hopes to have trains with a monorail transportation did not seem to be fulfilled. Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo, has decided to halt construction of the monorail.

Met at City Hall on Tuesday (20 / 9) a man who was familiarly called Foke said if the provincial government (provincial) DKI Jakarta are setting the settlement agreement and concession contracts, with the investor and developer of this project, PT Jakarta Monorail. The existence of this decision from the provincial government, while inaugurating the construction of a monorail stop that was already no longer performed since 2004.

This decision was taken by Foke because he wanted a monorail decisiveness in resolving a problem that has been seven years still not finished. According to him, with the termination of the contract, the city government could resume the stalled construction projects, although not in the form of a monorail.

"I just want to have the firmness. During this time they wan achievement. If indeed there is no clarity as well then this will be a legal case, "said Foke.